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TEC Industrial are delighted to launch our range of mobile spraying systems. These high-pressure spraying systems dispense liquid solutions at high pressure with less fluid consumption, thereby covering large surfaces in minimal time Cleaning, Sanitising, and Disinfecting are essential to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We are delighted to offer 3 different types of Spray packages to suit your application: - Autonomous spray unit recommended for outdoor spraying with intensive use. - Electric Operated Diaphragm Pump that is suitable for spraying medium to large surfaces. - Pressure Sprayer - 18 LT
TEC Industrial will continue to operate as normal during the current Covid 19 Crisis. Under Irish Government guidelines TEC Industrial are considered an essential part of the supply chain to companies and organisations whom have operations directly involved in the following industries: Chemical, Transportation, Rail, Oil, Hire, Agriculture, Food, Dairy etc.
We are delighted to have our flagship Fuel-TEC II Domestic Fuel Reeling Hose on the front page of the Hose and coupling world.