The Many Benefits of Hose Reels

Tuesday 11 June 2019

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We supply hose reels for use in following industries:

  • - agricultural reels
  • - construction reels
  • - fire reels
  • - hygienic reels
  • - mining reels
  • - offshore reels
  • - workshop reels
  • - lubrication
  • - pressure washers
  • - refuelling
  • - welding & cutting

Hose reels are installed in factories, warehouses, workshops and vehicles.  Any business that utilises hose of any kind can benefit from more controlled hose operation.  This increases safety, lowers costs and increases efficiency. 
Health & Safety
Accidents in the work place can happen no matter how careful you are.  Hose reels help reduce these risks as they will be recoiled safely, packed away off the floor to eliminate the risk of tripping.
Increased Efficiency
Having hose stored on reels means it is where you want it when you need it and it’s ready for use with no tangles and kinks – no time is wasted.
Reduce Hose Damage – Save Money
Carelessness costs – industry experts believe that hoses stored on reels can last up to 5 times longer.
Minimise Leakages
Damage to the hose can cause waste products to leak.  If product is hazardous waste, this can cause many health and safety risks. 
Professional Workshop
Having an efficient and safe workshop or factory will add to your businesses professionalism. 
Types of Hose Reel
We have circa 3,000 unique hose reels available which fall into three main categories:

3 types of hose reels

Spring Retractable
As the hose is pulled out, tension is put onto a spring (usually in a cassette).  When the operation is complete, the tension on the spring allows the hose to be rewound back onto the drum reel. Simple.
Manual Rewind
Ideal for longer, heavier hose.  A direct crank uses a handle attached to the drum, with one turn of the handle producing one turn of the drum. Direct crank hose reels can handle up to 60m of hose.  This type is extremely economical and perfect for long hose applications where no power is available.
Motor Driven 
These reels can be used for all applications power is available and can be supplied with the following motors:

  • 12v DC*
  • 24vDC*
  • 115v AC**
  • 230v AC**
  • Hydraulic 

* Available in explosion proof & non-explosion proof.  ** Explosion proof only.

The EZ-Coil® bearing 
Conventional reels begin to retract uncontrolled and pick up speed. If the hose has been pulled out to 25 metres, by the time the hose hits the reel it could be travelling at up to 7.5 metres per second, creating an impact that could easily break the spring, guide arm and cause an injury to the operator.   This does not happen with the EZ-Coil®.
The EZ-Coil® bearings slow the retraction by up to 80% and the hose never reaches a speed of more than 2 metres per second, ensuring no damage is done to equipment or operators.

EZ coil  

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